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nimby's poetry
a teardrps travels
Hell's closet
End Times
Quiet times
For Thanks
Hard To Hold
House of Love
Light in the Darkness
Lost In Myself
My Baby
Never Ending Song
Question Search
Fall Apart
Why Love?
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Here you will find a collection of my personal poetry. it is placed here for your enjoyment and i hope that you do. you will find some to be dark, others quite uplifting.
  a little about me. i am from Ohio and soon to be 35. i raise my 3 kids and have a wonderful time doing so. i have written poetry for a number of years and only a brief portion of those will be shared here. i am an avid reader, although i must admit, not so much poetry. my friends and family have enjoyed many of the poems you will see listed here, and i can only hope that they will mean the same to each person who views them. i goto virtual places and excite chat where you can usually find me as about the only nimby that is on.
if you would like to use one of these poems for a personal page i ask only that 1) you ask and 2) please give propper credit.
dave (nims)


i will update as i have time and if there is a desire to have more posted. thank you for visiting

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